Skilled in These and More Technologies...

Specializing in relational databases for 22 years.

Expert Internet/intranet application developer, fluent with XML, HTML, DHTML, ASP, javascript, VBScript, database connectivity, etc.

Expert in database design and SQL. Extensive experience with SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and others.

Microsoft Windows 15 years experience designing, coding, implementing client-server applications.

C/C++: 21 years experience in Unix, DOS, Windows, NT and MVS. Proficiency level expert.

Visual Basic: 11 years experience. Proficiency level expert.

.Net / C#:  Professionally trained, ongoing experience.  Proficiency level good (so far). 

Java:  3 years experience.  Proficiency level very high.

Conduct seminars in relational theory and practice, and SQL Server.